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Hi, I'm Connie Cwik, Founder of Cwik Business Connections and the Success Mindset Program.


I can’t wait to help you design your best life and career using our proven blueprint.

This is my Story

My life journey started in a small town. During childhood, I was not aware of the world as I was living in a small town, so it got me thinking that there is more to life than this. I experienced limited opportunities at first and wondered, is that it? 


Life had a different plan for me, and I was presented with the opportunities to work in building relationships, developing teams, and coaching associates. I have been working for more than 20 years, and in between these years, I worked as an advisor consultant for executive teams on the requests of senior corporate leaders such as Bill Gates, Steve Balmer, and Rick Wagoner.  


Walt Disney acquired my services to inspire their leadership and create a career development plan for Disney’s IT group. This was not it, as Walt Disney also recruited me to coach their executives as well.  


I have achieved the career that I have always imagined since childhood. All the curiosity of personal growth paved the way as I grabbed the opportunities and became a recognized business leader and mentor.   

Reach your potential with Connie

How can you benefit from the Success Mindset?

I am offering three types of services that every career professional or success minded person or anyone can benefit from.


Success Mindset Private Community


One Year Membership


  • Platform where you can connect directly with Connie Cwik and other members
  • Daily inspiration and motivation
  • Thoughts for the day!
  • Trusted environment that allows you to be authentic
  • Professional growth discussions






Success Mindset Subscription Membership


One Year Subscription Billed and Paid Monthly

  • Membership includes the Private Community
  • 1 or 2 Two-three hour Group Coaching Calls  Office Hours Calls weekly ( $3,000 per month value)
  • Each coaching call will be recorded 
  • Ability for more intimate conversations with other members.
  • Access to all live stream messages from Connie
  • Access to online resources
  • Access to all guest speaker presentations

1:1 Coaching with Connie Cwik

Price Customized to Your Needs

Monthly Billing with 3 month minimum


  • While coaching you will have all the facilities of Success Mindset Membership
  • Become a world-class leader with training and coaching
  • 4-1-hour personal coaching sessions each month
  • One assessment - Everything DiSC Workplace Style
  •  Access to your Everything DiSC Workplace Style
  • Access to the Catalyst Platform for your DiSC Style



                     Be authentic, real and intentional and

                      you will be more successful than                          you  could   imagine.

                    Connie Cwik

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