Learn to get control of busyness

Learn the cost of busyness and how you can get control over your personal and professional time!

Industry-leading ways


The Cost of Busyness

What do you lose when you are too busy?

  • Time to think
  • Time for yourself, family, friends
  • Time to process
  • Breaks
    • Bio
    • Lunch/dinner
  • Workdays just keep getting longer
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Email and Calendars Are Time Robbers

  • Take  control of your email
    • Set up Folders and Rules
    • Block time on calendar for email
  • Get control of your calendar
    • Block Thinking Time/Focus Time
    • Learn to decline meetings when not clear of your role
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Balance Time
Industry-leading ways


Meetings Can Be Thieves of Our Time

  • Take Control of Your Meetings
  • Relevant topic for meetings
  • Agenda with time limits per topic
  • Clear objective for meeting
  • Proper Meeting Etiquette
  • Starting on time/end on time
  • Leave enough time for questions and next steps
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What Can We Do to Change?

Learn what to focus on to make real change!

  • Be Present and In the Moment

  • Balancing the Past, Present and Future

  • Why Is It Difficult?

  • Is it really important?

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Balance Time
Strength Awarness


Strengthen Present Moment Awareness

Learn how to use mindfulness to be more in the present

  • Easy to be mindful

  • Be intentional about it

  • Start right where you are and grow into it

  • Have fun!
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What customers are saying...

Reviews & Ratings

“My work schedule was out of control until I began to make some of the changes suggested here!”

Dan D.

Reviews & Ratings

“I was getting so stressed out that my kids didn't even want to be around me. I started being more present with them and it is very different now!”

Tony S.

Reviews & Ratings

"I finally took control of my life and decided to separate work and life and to flow with the "balance". Thank you Connie for the tips and ideas.”

Stefan H,

Become more mindful


Get best practices to help you get busyness under control and incorporate more mindfulness' into your life!